Herbsmith Taurine Boost for Dogs & Cats

Herbsmith Taurine Boost for Dogs & Cats


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Every dog deserves years of rigorous tug of war and lively games of fetch and every cat, a feather to pounce and stuffed mouse to stalk. To keep your furry friend moving (or napping the day away) and feeling their best as they age gracefully. Taurine is the amino acid that makes this happen. This superstar builds protein for heart muscle strength, maintains appropriate hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells, forms bile to help digestion, and regulates the immune system and the antioxidant function (whew!)

Because taurine benefits brain, heart, and eye function, its especially helpful for aging dogs and breeds prone to cardiac stress. Emerging research indicates the vitality of taurine in a dog’s diet, however most dog foods don’t have enough meat-based whole food proteins to provide the proper amount of taurine. With that in mind, Dr. Chris Bessent formulated a new supplement for heart health.

 “Taurine Boost helps keep your dog’s heart energized and pumping strong for years to come.” – Dr. Bessent

Taurine Boost is a proprietary blend of amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants. Each ingredient in this veterinarian-developed formula works to keep your pets’ tail happily wagging.

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